Workers Need Help Managing Distractions

And they want your assistance

According to a recent study from an online education company, there are a lot of distractions at work and employees would like their employers to help manage them. Although most admit that they create their own distractions (mainly by checking their phones), they believe that training can help them focus and improve their concentration.

Safety and Health Magazine reports that 69% of workers report being distracted by multiple sources including talkative coworkers, changes in the workplace, meetings and social media.

Almost 74% of Gen X and millennials report being distracted at work and name smart phones as a major cause. Among all respondents, 70% said they believe training could help them manage distractions. Employers can help by training workers to improve their focus, time management skills and adaptability. Workers said that employers can help by:

  • Allowing flexible schedules and remote options
  • Establishing quiet areas
  • Defining norms for noise and interruptions
  • Scheduling “no meetings” days

And of course, employees can help by turning off their phones.

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