Help Single Parents Achieve Consistency

Everyone likes to feel secure

When stressed-out married parents ask how single parents manage on their own in raising children, the answer that comes to mind is consistency. The security that comes with a routine schedule, reliable care givers and consistent boundaries is immeasurable.

Parenting is challenging no matter what the circumstances are. Resources and support of any kind are always welcome. Going it alone day after day, though, requires certain assurances in order to decrease the stress.

Employers who provide regular work schedules with some flexibility are appreciated by single parents. If employees have a regular work schedule and a consistent child care provider, the day is much easier because everyone knows what’s happening—including the children. We’re all creatures of habit. We like predictability and the security of knowing what comes next.

The financial impact of raising children on a single income can be a significant obstacle to achieving routine and consistency. Building a structure can be a struggle, but it pays off.

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