Are Your Employees Drinking Enough Water?

Make hydration a priority

The importance of drinking enough water is often overlooked, but a recent survey discovered that up to 80% of workers don’t consume enough to meet their health needs and that can affect their performance. The Journal of Nutrition reports that dehydration can result in:

  • Poor mood
  • Increased difficulty in performing tasks
  • Decreased concentration
  • Headaches

Although water is plentiful and inexpensive, many employees report that they don’t drink much water at work. One reason cited is that they aren’t thirsty, but if a person experiences thirst, they are already mildly dehydrated. Other reasons are that they don’t like the taste of water at work, don’t have time to get water or that it’s inconvenient to get water.

There are a few simple things employers can do to encourage water consumption:

1. Review floor plans to ensure employees have access to water.

2. Provide fresh, filtered water in the workplace.

3. Develop campaigns to encourage hydration and consider the “Water You Drinking” WellMe challenge from Health Services to Business to encourage water consumption.

When planning your wellness program, don’t overlook water. Call Health Services to Business at 877-458-4873 for more ways to promote workplace wellness.

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