Winter 2018

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Two hearts being held by two hands

American Heart Association Says Good Health is Good Business

It’s American Heart Month, and the American Heart Association has helpful information to make workplace wellness programs more effective. Here are its recommendations.

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Shoes and weights and heart shaped bowl of food

Reduce Health Care Costs by Managing 7 Risk Factors

An estimated 20% to 30% of companies’ annual health care costs are spent on employees with 10 modifiable risk factors, seven of which make up Life’s Simple 7. Here they are.

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Heart disease risk calculator

Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Enter your information to find out if you’re at risk for heart disease.

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Depressed office worker

Winter Blahs Could be SAD

Winter can be a tough time for lots of people, but there are those who for whom winter brings on seasonal depression. Know the signs and remember that your EAP can help.

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Office workers stretching

CDC Offers Employers Workplace Wellness Resources

The CDC has developed resources to help you implement an effective wellness program.

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Crime scene tape

Workplace Violence: It Pays to be Vigilant

We don’t like to think it can happen, and it probably won’t. But knowing what to watch for keeps you and your team safer.

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