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Put Together a Winter Wellness Program

Despite the good intentions people have when the new year comes around, winter can be a hard time to maintain healthy habits. With the online proposal tool from Health Services to Business, you can offer your group the opportunity to have a healthier winter.

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Are Your Employees Drinking Enough Water?

The importance of hydration is often overlooked, but a recent survey discovered that up to 80% of workers don’t consume enough to meet their health needs, and that can affect their performance.

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A New Me Session Starts February 25

A New Me has a three-pronged approach that teaches participants to Eat Well, Move More and Stress Less. It’s a program that has changed lives because it doesn’t focus on weight loss and instead offers healthy lifestyle changes.

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Choosing the Right Kind of Care Keeps Costs Down

Unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office or emergency room result in higher health care costs. In many cases, the Nurse Line or Express Care Online can give your employees the direction they need to make decisions with confidence. An explanation of services available and downloadable chart provide valuable information.

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Workers Need Help Managing Distractions

According to a recent study from an online education company, there are a lot of distractions at work and employees would like their employers to help manage them. Although most admit that they create their own distractions (mainly by checking their phones), they believe that training can help them focus and improve their concentration.

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Seeking a Work-Life Balance

According to research from Mayo Clinic, when employees’ family and work obligations are out of balance, it can cause fatigue, stress, a compromised immune system and an increased risk of substance abuse.

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