Summer 2018

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Build a Health and Wellness Package Online

HSB is making it easy for employers to customize health and wellness services for their team. With the new online proposal tool now available, you can build a package three different ways to get the most value from your investment.

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Take the Initiative with Sexual Harassment Training

Everyone should feel comfortable at work, but sometimes situations arise that make it difficult. Learn how to deal with reports of sexual harassment fairly and effectively.

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Employee Recognition Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Everyone likes a little recognition. Here’s how to give some to your team without spending money.

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Five problem-solving Skills to Combat Workplace Stress

Stress can be a motivator, but it can also stop you cold. We have tips to help you deal with stress effectively.

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Make Lasting Changes with ‘A New Me’ Program

The road to better health means leaving bad habits by the wayside. Learn how to eat better, move more and deal with stress.

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Look Ahead to Flu Season

You protect yourself and others when you get a flu shot. Encourage your team to get theirs!

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