Fall 2017

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MBI Dr. Ellis

New Technology Will Save Lives with Better Detection of Breast Cancer

Women with dense breasts are at a higher risk of having breast cancer go undetected or of having a false positive mammogram. But with MBI, a new tool developed at Mayo Clinic, these women are now three times more likely to have breast cancer detected early.

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Dr. Anil Mayo Clinic Health System

New Group Health Plans Announced

Enrollment open for Inspire plans from Security Health Plan.

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Loneliness in the Workplace a Growing Concern

Despite our social media connections, the number of people who report being lonely has doubled since the 1980s, affecting everyone from management to hourly workers. Employers can take steps to help foster meaningful interaction in their workforce.

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Wellness incentives

Study Explores Workplace Wellness Incentives

A Kaiser Family Foundation study examines the ways employers are providing incentives to employees to participate in wellness screenings and health promotions.

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Nurse line

Turn to the Nurse Line for Expert Advice

When you’re not feeling well, indecision just adds to the problem. The Nurse Line is there to help you decide whether to see a doctor or manage at home. And it’s available 24/7!

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Flu season ahead

Be Ready for the Flu Season

It’s back. Learn how you can protect your team against the flu.

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Sugar smackdown

Prepare for the Holidays with Sugar Smackdown

Just because food doesn’t taste sweet doesn’t mean there’s no sugar there. Learn more about sugar’s hiding places.

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