July 2018

WellMe EAP Newsletter

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our monthly EAP newsletter!

With emotional health so closely related to physical well-being, we wanted to address issues that are not generally discussed in the workplace. We’ve created content specifically for supervisors as well as articles to share with employees. We want to spread the message that the Employee Assistance Program is here to help with the problems and challenges that keep people from feeling and doing their best. If you’re not already offering an EAP, call us for more information at 608-392-9530 or 877-458-4873.

In this issue:

Help Single Parents Achieve Consistency

Single parents face a lot of uncertainty. That’s why a regular routine helps them keep their sanity and their children feel secure.

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How Do Single Parents Fare in Your Workplace?

Single parents need all the help they can get. Consider whether your workplace helps them move forward or holds them back.

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Tips to Cope When You’re a Single Parent

Tips to help single parents cope.

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Check out These Resources for Single Parents

We have resources in our area that can provide services to support single parents.

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