Workers’ Compensation

Partner with the experts to keep employees safe

The safety of your employees is a top priority. The experts at Mayo Clinic Health System Occupational Health know that. They offer research-based injury prevention and post-injury care, so you know you are doing all you can to keep your team safe.

Mayo Clinic Health Care System workers' comp providers

Experts in care

When an injury happens, make sure your employees are getting expert care. Choose the partner that provides the fastest access to care, higher levels of service and ensures a quick and safe return to work.

Mayo Clinic Health System workers’ comp providers specialize in treating workplace injury. In fact, most employees return to work the same day with proactive communication on restrictions, if any, you need to consider. With expert-level workers’ comp care, you and your employee will feel confident in a quick and safe return to work.

Workers' comp employers infographic

Experts in prevention

A solid injury prevention strategy can reduce your incident rates, keep your employees safe and help them work to their full potential. The prevention experts at Mayo Clinic Health System Occupational Health provide the services you need to prevent injuries before they happen.

“They have come up with some amazing solutions. With their help, Chart's injury rate went from 10.0 to 0.0.”
Bruce Solberg, Safety Coordinator, Chart Industries