Training and education

Train with the experts

A safe work environment starts with proper training. On-site safety training and education can be more convenient, less costly and contribute to effective policy implementation. Our training specialists bring an array of expertise to local businesses, including:

  • CPR/AED training and certification
  • Blood-borne pathogen training
  • OSHA class (10 hour)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training
  • Supervisor drug and alcohol training and awareness

Reasonable suspicion training for supervisors (DOT Regulation Sec: 382.07).

“There is a significant population of seniors at my plant, and our safety performance wasn’t as good as it should be. (Health Services to Business) suggested an Ergonomics Energizer activity. All employees were trained on ergonomic principles and we created an action plan. It’s really an effective and useful activity.”
Chris Hacker, Director of Operations, Toro