Ergonomic optimization

Injury prevention that works

A serious accident brings workplace safety into sharp focus instantly, but injuries that develop over time can be even more costly. They’re also preventable. Ergonomic optimization ensures your employees are trained and empowered to stay healthy and productive in the workplace.

The ergonomic experts

Mayo Clinic Health System Occupational Health has highly trained staff who specialize in analyzing and identifying trends in the workplace that can lead to injury—including fatigue, discomfort, pain and ultimately, disability. We have one of only nine ergonomists in the state of Wisconsin on staff.

Ergonomic outcomes

The outcomes of ergonomic optimization can be felt throughout the organization. From healthier employees and their increased productivity to reduced medical costs and a reduced incident rate.  The optimization process analyzes your claims history and examines current risk factors within your organization. Recommendations are developed to reduce your incident rate, including:

  • A customized medical management program
  • A business plan for eradicating injury-related loss
  • Specific recommendations for equipment and workstation modification
  • Job task-specific training provided to employees, supervisors and safety professionals
  • A strategy to reduce your workers’ compensation costs
“(Occupational health) helped us spearhead our ergonomics program and establish a functional capacity exam for new hires... I’ve seen a great improvement and increased awareness of health and safety among our employees.”
Shane Nielsen, Safety Manager, Century Foods