Occupational Health

Safety starts with Occupational Health

Employers are discovering that proactively addressing employee health and safety contributes to job satisfaction, retention and productivity. With our support, many western Wisconsin employers are protecting their employees with training, ergonomic optimization, critical incident planning and expert workers’ compensation care to ensure a quick and safe return to work.

Workers' Compensation

Research-based injury prevention and post-injury care, so you know you are doing all you can to keep your employees safe.

Ergonomic Optimization

Industry expertise to create a zero-injury workplace, decrease loss ratios, decrease your experience modification rate (MOD rate) and reduce your workers’ compensation costs.


Ensure your employees have the skills they need to maintain a safe and healthy working environment with on-site training.

More from Occupational Health

Pre-Placement Exams

Make sure your employees can meet the demand of the job with pre-placement exams.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Ensure a safe and secure workplace with drug and alcohol testing.

Critical Incident Planning

Prepare your workplace with critical incident plan.


Critical Incidents: Weathering the Unexpected

The Hippocratic idea of first doing no harm is driving a reinvention of workplace critical incident response.

Avoiding and Recovering from Work-Related Injuries

Time away from work can be a wonderful thing, as long as it’s planned. Missed days of work because of injury are not in the same category as vacation or paid time off.

Ergonomic Expert: 10 High-ROI Must-Dos for Every Workplace

Little things mean a lot, such as systematically reducing ergonomic risk factors to prevent costly MSDs (Muscular Skeletal Disorders). These are conditions involving muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage and spinal disks that develop gradually instead of from a single event.