New Convenience Care Model Hits the Sweet Spot


$49 Mayo Clinic Express Care Online virtual visits

Convenience Care ModelInnovation in health care is increasingly focused on cost, but the sweet spot is a combination of access, value and quality.

Mayo Clinic Express Care Online achieves all three, with a convenient and economical way to treat common conditions that would otherwise require a trip to the clinic. It’s immediate access, comparable to an emergency room or urgent care visit, but at less cost.

Patients don’t have to take time off from work or leave home when under the weather. For business travelers and vacationers, Express Care Online can prevent a minor condition from spoiling the trip.

An Express Care Online virtual visit is $49, which is waived if in-person care is required. Health Tradition Health Plan covers it, as an office visit.

How it works

Anyone with a Mayo Clinic patient number can use Express Care online. They log in via Mayo Clinic Online Patient Services on a computer, tablet or smartphone. An app is available.

Patients log in and answer a short series of questions about their symptoms—the same questions their own doctor would ask in person. The provider responds within the hour. If a prescription is required, it is sent to the pharmacy the patient has specified.

Uniquely Mayo Clinic

This care is integrated, not separated from a patient’s other care. Built on the Mayo Clinic model, Express Care embraces the team medicine approach. Virtual providers—all Mayo Clinic physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants—become part of the care team when Express Care Online is used. The patient’s own doctor has immediate access to medical records from the visit.

Mayo Clinic Express Care Online is convenient, affordable care for conditions such as allergy, upper respiratory illness, a cold sore, pink eye, tick exposure, urinary tract infections and a number of other problems.

For all Health Tradition members, Express Care Online is covered as an office visit. Learn more now at or call 608-781-9692 or 888-459-3020.