Lifestyle management program can lead to ‘A New Me’


Registration now open for September session

For anyone thinking about making changes for better health, the perfect opportunity awaits with  “A New Me,” a  lifestyle management program with a proven track record. The 12-week fall session begins September 10.

Unlike programs that focus on weight loss alone, A New Me focuses on a balanced lifestyle. The three components of the program are:

  • Eat well—a registered dietitian shares information on making better food choices, from shopping to preparing meals to dining out.
  • Move more—with the help of an exercise physiologist, participants learn to get more out of the activities they do on a daily basis and overcome the obstacles that keep them from moving.
  • Stress less—a stress management expert advises participants on ways to build resilience and gain control over negative thoughts that derail wellness efforts.

A New Me includes 12 weekly 75-minute meetings and six small group coaching sessions in addition to pre- and post-program assessments and biometric screenings. Ongoing support is available for up to a year.

Financial assistance may be available; please check with your Mayo Clinic Health System primary care provider.

To learn more or to enroll, go to or call 608-392-3344.