EAP Counseling Improves Employee Performance


La Crosse Employee Assistance Center outcomes show effectiveness

EAP Counseling Improves Employee PerformanceNow we know. Employee outlook and job performance can improve dramatically with an often-overlooked resource… EAP counseling.

The Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare Employee Assistance Center (EAC) recently reported 2016 outcomes for employee counseling clients. Results show significant improvement in job performance markers and positive changes in employee outlook.

The results are based on a five-question self-assessment taken before and after the counseling experience, known as the Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS). WOS is a new benchmarking tool that has been endorsed by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) as a best practice. Mayo Clinic Health System Employee Assistance Center was among the first EAP providers to adopt it.

EAP services have historically been measured by utilization and program features, which don’t really reflect value to the organization. Having reliable, scientifically validated benchmarking provides the means to assess the impact of EAP services, based on data that is actually relevant to the employer. Ask your EAP provider if they track outcomes data.

For all Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare EAC clients, 2016

Absenteeism reduced 66%
Employees reported how often they missed work or arrived late during the past 30 days because of the problem being discussed.

Presenteeism reduced 11%
Employees recognized and admitted that their problem was keeping them from concentrating at work.

Work distress reduced 17%
Those who reported that they dread going to work felt differently after counseling.

Work engagement increased 7%
The number of employees who say they are often eager to start their workday increased.

Overall life satisfaction increased 12%
People who say their lives are going well increased from the initial assessment.