Wellness at Work challenges

Engaging and effective

An exclusive benefit for Health Tradition employer groups, Wellness at Work is a set of quarterly challenges developed by Mayo Clinic experts, each one addressing a different health basic. The program is free to all employees and their families in organizations with a Health Tradition group plan, compliments of Health Tradition.

Real outcomes

These challenges address the most consequential daily decisions people make. Created and tested by Mayo Clinic wellness and behavioral experts, they’re proven to promote new habits that “stick” long after the challenge is over.

Packaged up and ready to launch

Implemented with minimal effort by an internal “champion,” the challenges are made for people who already have a day job. Each comes with a full set of resources and the opportunity to customize. Kits include instructions, incentive, posters, sign-up sheet, trackers and health information PDFs plus access to online resources.

Everyone can benefit

The challenges are inclusive, for almost any ability level. Employees record each challenge unit (such as physical movement sessions or glasses of water) on a tracker card, and turn it in at the end of the challenge. Each time a participant logs a drink of water or an exercise session, a healthy behavior is reinforced.

Recent challenges

  • Hydration challenge, encouraging water consumption in dry winter environments
  • A healthy lunch challenge, focusing on good nutritional balance
  • Everyday activity challenge based on Mayo Clinic’s NEAT program
  • A popular holiday weight management challenge

Popular in organizations of all sizes

“We’ve had great participation! I’m overwhelmed by our staff excitement too! And, I’ve heard so many great positive (life-changing in some instances) stories.”

“I just want to take a few minutes to say thank you for putting this program together!”

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