Group Plans through SHOP

Another way to provide Health Tradition assurance

The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP Marketplace) created by the Affordable Care Act has a number of advantages for employers with 50 or fewer employees who want to provide competitive benefits and provide more flexibility for their employees.

SHOP advantages

  • You can enroll in SHOP at any point throughout the year
  • In Wisconsin, employers can specify their contribution, then select a metal tier, opening up many plan choices for the employee
  • Premium stability due to regulatory oversight and SHOP marketplace competition
  • All rates and plans are guaranteed issue at open enrollment
  • Only select plans, accredited by SHOP
  • Employees can enroll and pay online
  • You still get broker support!

Your broker will help you evaluate the benefits of SHOP enrollment

Brokers who have been selected as Health Tradition intermediaries are a knowledgeable resource. They are current on ACA requirements, tax strategies and in using all available options to balance benefits with cost-effectiveness.

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