Self-funded Health Insurance

A full spectrum of plan choices

Our plan design and administration, underwriting and wellness benefit expertise is unmatched.

In collaboration with Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, Health Tradition offers comprehensive evaluation, planning and consulting services to help employers discover the most effective health benefit solution for their group.

Employers may choose from among many self-funded options: PPO, high-deductible and pharmacy plans, all featuring the Health Solutions Select network including Mayo Clinic, plus Health Tradition Health Plan providers in western Wisconsin.

Self-funding can deliver substantial cost savings—particularly if the group is younger and healthy—plus tax advantages. Health Tradition assists in evaluating the employer’s  demographics, risk tolerance, stop-loss requirements and other considerations. We then bring together a full complement of resources from Mayo Clinic Health Solutions to ensure the plan’s objectives are met.

Self-funded plans from Health Tradition in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Health Solutions offer:

  • Flexibility, with a broad menu of medical and pharmacy plan design options, including both traditional and account-based plans.
  • Access to level-funding, with predictable payments each month.
  • Opportunity to retain surplus claims funding at the end of the year, if you paid more than you spent.
  • Fully-integrated stop-loss insurance to protect you if claims exceed a certain dollar threshold.
  • Lower costs compared to fully-insured plans* by eliminating risk charges and profit margins, in addition to lower premium taxes.
  • Exemptions from key Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions, including the ACA Health Insurance Tax and some state-mandated benefits.
  • Robust reporting, provided monthly, quarterly, and annually, showing how your claims dollars are spent and identifying opportunities to further reduce costs.

The level funding option

Employers may choose the level funding option to better manage cash flow. The benefit design may integrate use of health reimbursement accounts, medical reimbursement plans and other structures.

See how self-funding compares to fully insured plans.
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*Actual rates depend upon your group’s claims experience.