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About Health Tradition

Health Tradition is a Mayo Clinic-owned, physician-led managed care organization driven by a strong commitment to members. All our plans have family-friendly embedded deductibles and out-of-pocket limits, plus great Mayo Clinic-developed wellness benefits.

Our plans are designed around an exceptional provider network including Mayo Clinic Health System–Franciscan Healthcare, Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire and a wide choice of select community  providers. Administrative services for Health Tradition are provided by our sister company, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, Rochester, Minnesota.

Together, creating smarter benefits and smarter consumers

Successfully providing excellent and cost-effective health benefits requires a partner who understands your organization and the importance you place on your benefit. We help employers design benefits that:

  • Engage people in health care decision-making
  • Streamline preventive care
  • Incentivize healthy behaviors
  • Motivate participation with appealing programming
  • Help employees manage chronic conditions

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