Supervisor training

Comprehensive support for leadership

Supervisors are in a unique position to identify troubled employees and refer them for EAP counseling. However, many are not comfortable handling situations complicated by emotional distress. We provide the skills they need to more effectively assist troubled employees.

Incorporating an award-winning Mayo-Clinic Health System-produced video, our supervisor training outlines best practices for addressing issues involving employees in distress. We present key EAP concepts, practical guidelines, example scenarios and specific ways to sensitively refer employees. With this training, supervisors can confidently:

  • Spot troubled employees
  • Handle difficult referral conversations
  • Get employees the help they need from your EAP!

Supervisory consultations

We encourage supervisors to consult with a counselor at any time for assistance with workplace conflict or guidance in working with employees who may benefit from counseling.

Additional supervisor resources

Supplementary resource materials are available, including checklists to identify struggling employees, a guide to documentation, a case study discussion guide and tools to help supervisors integrate effective EAP utilization into their management process.

Supervisor training and support is included as part of the EAP counseling program.

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