EAP counseling services

Supporting individuals, management and the entire organization

Even one employee’s personal or emotional challenge can have a direct and sometimes startling impact on workplace culture, especially productivity. It can contribute to absenteeism, work accidents and retention problems.

Unaddressed emotional health issues are also costly to individuals, disrupting careers and lives. Mayo Clinic Health System — Franciscan Healthcare Employee Assistance Program provides caring, professional counselors who are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and support for troubled employees and their families.

Confidential, on-demand counseling addresses:

  • Family issues
  • Marital problems
  • Parenting issues
  • Major shifts in job responsibilities
  • Death of family member or friend
  • Friend or coworker with serious personal problem
  • Workplace conflict
  • Major illness or chronic health problem
  • Troubling alcohol or drug use
  • Any source of emotional or mental anguish or pain

Our program is structured to provide easy access for employees and to adequately meet their needs so further counseling may not be required. When a referral for additional care is necessary, counselors match the best local resources to the employees’ insurance coverage.


We provide full training and implementation support for EAP programs including an all-employee orientation conducted by a counselor. This session covers

  • What services an EAP provides
  • What the counseling experience is like
  • How to know if it’s time for counseling

The orientation incorporates an award-winning Mayo Clinic Health System-produced video about using EAP services. It is also available for new employees to view individually. Promotional materials maintain the program’s visibility.

Ongoing Evaluation of Program Effectiveness

Confidential counseling through an employee assistance program returns measurable results. Mayo Clinic Health System uses the benchmarking best practice endorsed by the national professional organization, EAPA. Its results show dramatic improvement in productivity and employee emotional health metrics, especially absenteeism.

Our EAP provides aggregate reporting summarizing outcomes and utilization by your employees to better direct future employee health initiatives.

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