Health and wellness coaching

Supporting long-term lifestyle changes

More and more employers are implementing health and wellness coaching in the workplace. They see the long-term value to employees and the organization. The perfect complement to other wellness initiatives—health and wellness coaching provides the critical support employees need to begin and maintain long-term healthy behaviors. Behaviors that will reflect in their work and influence on the organization.

Our experts are allies

Certified health and wellness coaches from Mayo Clinic Health System are not only experts, they are allies. They provide encouragement, accountability and support using evidence-based behavioral methods. What makes coaching so successful is that it encourages participants to identify their personal reasons for change, decide what goals they will set and determine which tactics will lead to the greatest level of success. Coaches empower employees to make real health changes.

Tangible outcomes

The benefits of health coaching are evident for the employee and the entire organization. The organization can see increased productivity and increased involvement in company-promoted health initiatives—creating a culture of health for the whole.

For the employee, the benefits are even more rewarding. Healthy employees can stay healthy, and those with medium- to high-risk health situations have the support and resources they need to make a lifestyle change. In a study of one medium-sized employer, success rates for moving high-risk participants to a low-risk category ranged from 50% to 67%. The outcomes for a health coaching program are real, and our experts can get you there.