One employee experiencing a personal challenge can impact the entire workplace. Emotional health issues are serious and costly to employees, their careers and lives. Our Employee Assistance Program EAP provides confidential, ready-access counseling with professional counselors skilled in helping individuals cope with trying situations.

A valuable, professional resource

Partnering with western Wisconsin businesses for more than 20 years, our Employee Assistance Center in La Crosse has played a significant role in promoting the emotional health of area employees and their families through EAP programs.

EAP clinical staff are experienced, licensed mental health professionals specializing in problems that arise in the workplace. Their approaches are based on research and best practices reflecting Mayo Clinic leadership and research.

Proven program effectiveness

Confidential counseling through an employee assistance program returns measurable results. Mayo Clinic Health System uses the benchmarking best practice endorsed by the national professional organization, EAPA. Its results show dramatic improvement in productivity and employee emotional health metrics, especially absenteeism.

In 2016, Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare Employee Assistance Program reported impressive outcomes. Absenteeism was reduced 66%, presenteeism was reduced 11%, work distress was down 17%, work engagement was up 7% and overall life satisfaction was up 12% across all EAP clients.

Our EAP provides aggregate reporting summarizing outcomes and utilization by your employees to better inform your employee health initiatives.

More about EAP in our award winning orientation video.

Supervisor resources

Supervisors are in a unique position to identify and refer employees who may benefit from EAP counseling. We provide the training, skills and resources needed to identify employees in emotional distress, talk to them about EAP counseling and get them the help they need.

More in our award winning supervisor training video.


Conflict in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges managers and employees face. Prolonged issues can lead to lost productivity, and ultimately employee turnover. Our mediation services offer an opportunity to resolve issues in a private, confidential setting—with the goal of enhancing working relationships.