Critical incident planning

Support with a plan

When an emergency or critical incident arises at work, rest assured that you have the appropriate Critical Incident Stress Management response plan in place. Our experts will work with your team to customize a plan based on your culture and support that makes the most sense for your employees.

Experts in critical incident planning

The Hippocratic idea of first doing no harm is driving a reinvention of workplace critical incident response. CISM practices are moving toward a more appropriate set of services supporting a wider range of individuals and their unique reactions.

Our team has the experience to prepare a plan and move the members of your team from reactive to proactive. Our experts work to develop a management plan and response to help manage the challenge, regain confidence and enhance skills to provide support. We are available during a crisis and recovery stage to support management and be on-site to help during an incident.

Be prepared

The first step in critical incident planning is manager training to build your team’s confidence to handle any situation. Resources and educational training happen on-site and are tailored to your workplace.

Managing the incident

Expert training will prepare your team to handle situations as they arise, and our team will be on-hand for support during an incident. We will be available during the crisis and recovery stages to support the supervising manager, be on site and accept referrals for individual counseling needs.

Support and aftercare

Our team can help you identify signs and symptoms of emotional and physical aftershocks that could affect your employees in the days, weeks and months following an incident. We provide resources for healing and guidelines for organizational recovery.