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Mike Eckstein

An incorrect diagnosis can have serious–and expensive–consequences

Studies consistently show diagnostic error is widespread in the U.S. A recent Mayo Clinic study confirms this troublesome fact. It found that, of patients who come to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion, as many as 88% go home with a new or refined diagnosis… Read more

Online Proposal Tool

Online proposal tool helps businesses customize wellness packages

Creating a culture of health, well-being and safety just got easier with the new online proposal tool from Health Services to Business. Now business leaders can see what services from Mayo Clinic Health System would deliver the greatest value to their workplaces with costs clearly… Read more

Lifestyle management program can lead to ‘A New Me’

Registration now open for September session For anyone thinking about making changes for better health, the perfect opportunity awaits with  “A New Me,” a  lifestyle management program with a proven track record. The 12-week fall session begins September 10. Unlike programs that focus on weight… Read more

DOT drug screening

Changes in effect for DOT drug screening

The DOT medical certification process has undergone changes over the years, leading to delays and even disqualification in cases where firms have been unaware of the requirements. Mayo Clinic Health System has developed a list of medical information that’s required when drivers appear for their… Read more

Mayo Clinic Health System announces spring conference on workplace health and safety

Mike Eckstein

A perspective shaped by loss

For my family, conversations about health care choices aren’t abstract. They’re about mom. I was in junior high when my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought bravely for years until she passed when I was in college. The weight on your mind… Read more

Belle Square Downtown Clinic Now Open

WellMe Newsletter Wins National Award

Mike Eckstein

Meeting the Prescription Drug Cost Challenge

Led by Mayo Clinic cancer specialists, a group of prominent physicians sounded an alarm about the high cost of cancer drugs, proposing specific policy recommendations to the federal government. That was in 2015. Drug prices are still escalating far faster than other medical costs Specialty drugs… Read more

Just Another Day in Bad Office

Just Another Day in “Bad Office 2”

Test subjects in Mayo Clinic Well Living Lab sweat it for science Uncomfortable noise levels, temperatures, light and other annoyances in the workplace environment can be bad enough individually. Combined, they can create considerable stress. How much? Mayo Clinic is looking for the answer by… Read more