Employee Health Spending that Pays Off


What happens when employees get injured, sick, angry, stressed or depressed?

Quality of life is affected. Job effectiveness is reduced. Costs to the company include time, expense and risk exposure.

Minimize health-related expense by choosing the right combination of services and taking action early. Successful investments and interventions are often directed to these goals:

Maximizing productivity

  • With an EAP counseling program,

You help employees whose personal or work problems prevent them from focusing on their jobs. Can impact absenteeism, distraction and substance abuse.

  • With occupational health services,

You can prevent work-related injuries stemming from ergonomic mismatches with work station equipment or techniques that involve awkward or repeated movement.

  • Through health promotion programs,

You can improve physical conditioning and resilience with education and programs focusing on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise.

Retaining employees

  • With the right group health plan,

You can attract top talent and reduce job turnover.

  • Using EAP counseling,

You create a way for employees to resolve distractions from personal problems. Supervisory consults are available to assist with a spectrum of management issues. Interpersonal issues are the leading cause of employee turnover.

Reducing costs

  • With occupational health services,

You receive full support for safety programs, workers’ compensation case management and timely back-to-work transition.

  • With a self-funded health plan,

Your good claims experience can create significant savings, enable you to manage cash flow better, have easy access to aggregate experience data and enjoy more control over plan design.

Managing risk

  • With an ergonomic assessment,

You can avoid injuries that begin to depress productivity long before the employee begins to seek medical help. Other occupational medicine services such as pre-employment or random screenings can help employers better comply with regulations and ensure a safe workplace.

  • With critical incident strategic planning,

You can be ready with a supportive and appropriate response to any traumatic events that disrupt an organization and the people in it.

  • With EAP counseling,

You are providing proactive support for a safe workplace, which can mitigate liability for incidents such as sexual harassment.

Putting the pieces together

An integrated approach to employee health can increase the effectiveness of the employer response to a specific challenge by combining complementary initiatives. Call Mayo Clinic Health System–Franciscan Healthcare business health services at 877-458-4873 to assess your needs.