Your employees’ health and well-being is a top priority. That’s why our employee health provider team offers custom packages tailored to the whole-health of your organization. From safety and emotional well-being to convenient access to Mayo Clinic care, Health Services to Business is your single source for all aspects of employee health.

Occupational Health
EAP and Wellness
Employee Care Anywhere

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Square Foot Gardening

Learn the basics of square foot gardening and how to grow an amazing variety of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs with less space and less hassle!

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Discover what "having it all" means to you, and how to make decisions in a meaningful way to promote personal wellness and professional productivity.

Meatless Meals

Think meatless meals are only for vegetarians? Think again! Come learn about the benefits of going meatless and how you can incorporate these tasty, budget-friendly meals into your weekly routine.
Employee Care Anywhere

Employee Care

When your employees are sick, they value convenient access to health care. From online care and a downtown clinic to on-site nursing and worksite clinics, give your employees access to Mayo Clinic care—anywhere.

Occupational Health

Safety & Productivity

A safe employee is a happier employee—more committed, reliable and productive. With unmatched workplace expertise in training, ergonomic assessment and worker’s comp, our approach benefits both you and your employees with effective care and communication.

EAP and Wellness

Culture & Well-being

A focus on team culture and well-being directly correlates to workplace satisfaction and performance. With wellness and counseling services, team spirit is built and absenteeism reduced. Even safety can be improved. Employees feel valued and confident that you have their best interest in mind.

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La Crosse Employee Assistance Center outcomes show effectiveness.

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